A zoning plan was drafted in 2009 to create a new industrial zone in Santo, and the late Lands Minister, Mr Iaris Iauko, along with a number of his lands department officers, approached Grahame Hack of Sovereign Developments (the original developer of Jubilee in 2001) to develop an area into industrial allotments to help the upgrading of the Santo Region. 

The request by the above Lands Minister was that an area adjacent to the industrial site be developed further to include 300 rural residential housing allotments. The principle approval for the above development (both housing and industrial) was given by the Sanma Province in November 2010.

There was a study carried out 22 years earlier in 1987, recommending a development similar to Jubilee however this development didn't take place at the time. The request was to include a further area adjacent to the industrial allotments be developed into 300 rural residential housing allotments.


The principle approval for the above development was given by the Sanma Province in November 2010. The New Jubilee Satellite Town total area (housing and industrial) is 120ha (296 acres).


The Jubilee Satellite town is just 6km from Luganville and will be able to utilise all the main amenities and services it has to offer:

  • Luganville is the main central town servicing the whole northern area of Vanuatu

  • Main International Wharf which is presently being upgraded to the value of USD$89 million

  • International Airport – negotiations underway for upgrading for larger international aircraft

  • The Main Central Banking District, 4 Banks. ANZ, Westpac, Bred, NBV

  • Medical Centre and Northern District Hospital

  • Government Offices

  • Large shopping precinct

  • 2 large local shipping wharves which service the outer islands - Simonsons Wharf and Melcoffee Wharf (Wongs Wharf)


The total Jubilee Satellite Development is a 10 year plan which commenced in 2010 - it has included 5 years of planning, approvals, commencement of issuing titles, with an expected completion date in 2020.